Details from upcoming show--Grafted Narratives

Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, Barbados, February 15, 2014

You are most welcome to join Asher and me at the gallery for the opening--5 in the evening.

Here is just little detail...



detail of "Turmeric"


Happy New Year 2014

With great energy and determination we forge forward into the new possibilities of 2014!  Forward!


And.....painting fish. Not sorry. 

When Monet painted his water lilies in France, he never had the opportunity (or maybe inclination) to travel to the Caribbean. If he had, maybe his pastel hues would have been saturated with colour, and his shadows may have come alive with the intensity of the tropics.  Too bad.  We can help...move over Monet.



There is going to be a meeting. Acrylic 32" x 32" 2013 


detail of There is going to be a Meeting 

More Fish (could't help myself)




Sneak peek--preparing for Barbados in Feb. 2014

Detail of "Restoration"   

Asher Mains and I will be doing a 2 person show together at Gallery of Caribbean Art in Barbados in February of 2014.  We have started to paint, and this is just a detail of one of the paintings.  More to come!



Nine years ago--the day after Hurricane Ivan hit us in Grenada.

then and now, my painting studio

The After Ivan exhibit at Gallery of Caribbean Art a few months later--made me cry when I went back and looked at it again.  Click here.


Bright shiny promising days ahead!

Present studio with works in progress for Gallery of Caribbean Art exhibit in Feb 2013