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Sailing Away

Sailing in Colour Grenada Work Boat Regatta 26" x 26" 2017Susan Mains Green Boat Grenada Sailing Festival 27" x 27" Oil on Canvas 2018

Susan Mains Reflections (detail) 27" x 27" Acrylic on Canvas 2017

Still loving the work boat sailing in the Caribbean. Grenada Sailing Festival   Just about to happen again!!!



Sailing still Reigns

Looking forward to the Work Boat Races on Grand Anse Beach at the end of January.  Just a few paintings to celebrate!

Regatta Race 34" x 48" Acrylic

Sail Awaiting, 56" x 48" Oil

The folds of the sails always fascinate me--just waiting to be unfurled and start their symphony of flapping.


The Colour of Sail,  48 x 36, Oil

These young guys with this colourful sail were the proudest sailors that day. No one could compete.



Missed the Regatta in Cariacou....

but that doesn't stop the work boats from showing up in my studio.  Sorry, can't help it.



Stormy Start--Work Boat Races in Grenada-- 47" x 33" Acrylic on Canvas





The most authentic event of the year! Work Boat Regatta

Memory of Our Fore Fathers 48 x 36 oil on canvas


Its Work Boat Regatta Time Again!

Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th--Grand Anse Beach--I'm there!Strings of Memory 36 x 48 Oil on canvas


Clear Day Sailing in the Grenadines 36 x 48


Fixing the Sail 24 x 30 Race to the Start 23 x 36 (Diptych) 

Rough Sail 20 x 24