Art from Grenada and Cuba

I curated this exhibit at the Grenada National Museum.  Have a look!

It is up at the museum until April 27th. 


Violet Clouds Rush In

Rainy Day Regatta 24" x 36" Oil on Canvas 36"


The first day of the sailing festival--violet grey skies, gusts of wind, swells breaking over the boats. Then towards evening the light shining on the sails from the west--perfect.


Rainy Day Inspires Me!!!

Rainy Day Work Boats 30" x 24" Acrylic

So much rain at the Grenada Sailing Festival on Saturday last weekend.  Then little 5 minute bursts of sunshine--the sky put on quite a show!  So this is the first in a series of paintings that will come from this rainy day on the beach.  Good news is that I didn't get a sunburn.

Read my article at the link--Grenada Sailing Festival 2013


Click here to order a print of this painting.


CXE students from Anglican High School in Grenada visit Art and Soul Gallery.

Ms. Drakes and the young ladies from Anglican High School spent a morning with Susan at Art and Soul Gallery.  Happy to meet them, and see their great enthusiasm for the art.

Susan will once again welcome students on Wednesday Jan 30th from 10 am to 2 pm at Art and Soul at Spiceland Mall.  


Carenage As Per Your Request

One of the most requested commissions that I do is of the Carenage of St. George's.  It is beautiful, and always changing.  Even tho it is the same scene, every painting is different, because I am different every time I come to it.    So here are two views.  EnjoyBright Carenage 42" x 48" Acrylic 2013


Carenage at Night 36" x 48" Oil on Canvas 2013So this one of the "shut up and do it" that I had been talking about doing for over 20 years--painting the Carenage at night.  So I shut up and did it.  Yay me!