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Back to Roots

No matter where I wander in terms of artistic expression, for example, video art, I always come back to my painting roots, and to my love of Grenada and the Caribbean.  Cocoa, Breadfruit, and the Carenage-- essential.

abstraction: Finish Line for Fish 20" x 24" Acrylic


Cocoa 24" x 20" Acrylic




Carenage Nostalgia 20" x 36" Acrylic

Breakfruit 24" x 20" Acrylic 


New Paintings from Grenada

When this island stops being this compelling and beautiful, I will stop painting it.

"Restoration--Carenage, Grenada" 40" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas




   "Recovery" 48" x 48" Oil on Canvas   SOLD 











48"x 48" Oil on Canvas





"Memory of a River Long Gone" 30" x 40" Oil on Canvas












 "Something Fishy" 36" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas


















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