News you will want to know! Art House 473 opens in Grenada.

A long held dream comes to reality.  An art centre in Grenada.  It will be a home for Susan Mains Gallery,

Art School Greenz, studio space, and for the future, an international artist residency.

See more of the story here on the gallery site.  Click here for more info!

Art House 473 in Calliste


Big space for Big works of art!!

More info Please!!


Grenada Sailing Festival--its time!!!

Its that time of year again.  Its no secret at all that the wooden workboats of Grenada and the Grenadines are favourite subjects of my paintings.

Here a few ahead of the races on Grand Anse Beach on Feb 2-3. See you on Grand Anse Beach!


Susan Mains Red Sail 48" x 48" Oil on Canvas 2019

Susan Mains Unsponsored 48" x 48" Oil on Canvas 2019

Susan Mains Regatta Diptych 18" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas 2019



Speaking up for Yugge Farrell

Sometimes an issue becomes so urgent that you just have to say something.  I am not a lawyer or a politician, so I use the best way I can to draw attention, and that is through art.

Young lady, Yugge Farrel in St. Vincent is in a mental institution indefinitely being filled with psychotropic drugs for committing the offence of cursing a Minister's wife.  Her story is heartbreaking, and is now all over social media.  When I read about her this painitng came pouring out.  Justice for #yuggefarrell

When you neighbor's house ketch fire, throw water on yours.

Watch this interview with Jerry George. Make some noise.


A young singer songwriter from Barbados has written and performed this song about Yugge Farrell. click to take a listen.  Big love and respect to Amber Stone.  



Sailing Away

Sailing in Colour Grenada Work Boat Regatta 26" x 26" 2017Susan Mains Green Boat Grenada Sailing Festival 27" x 27" Oil on Canvas 2018

Susan Mains Reflections (detail) 27" x 27" Acrylic on Canvas 2017

Still loving the work boat sailing in the Caribbean. Grenada Sailing Festival   Just about to happen again!!!



2018--and we're off! Exhibition in Barbados.

We would love to see you in Barbados at the Gallery of Caribbean Art on Feb 11th.  This is a group show of 4 artist:  Susan Mains, Asher Mains, Catherine Forter-Chee-a-tow and Virgil Broodhagen.