She danced in, then she danced out.

Susan Mains, Big Drum Dancer, 46" x 46" Oil on Canvas 2014

Spent some time in Carriacou, watching the Big Drum Dances, and this young lady danced on to my canvas in a heavy impasto of oil.  Then she danced out, on her way to her new home.  More Caribbean Dancing Girls to come. 


Back to Roots

No matter where I wander in terms of artistic expression, for example, video art, I always come back to my painting roots, and to my love of Grenada and the Caribbean.  Cocoa, Breadfruit, and the Carenage-- essential.

abstraction: Finish Line for Fish 20" x 24" Acrylic


Cocoa 24" x 20" Acrylic




Carenage Nostalgia 20" x 36" Acrylic

Breakfruit 24" x 20" Acrylic 


Catalogue of Grafted Narratives

It's here!  The catalogue of the full show.  Take a look, and order a copy from Blurb. It's easy.




New and Exciting--Susan delves into art video.

Susan's video work, "Dumb Cane" will be screened at three venues in Spain in March.  A 6 minute narrative, she explores the current political and economic situation in Grenada and the Caribbean.







Click here to see the schedule of events.


Thanks Ins and Outs of Barbados!  

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Barbados, you are so good to us!