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Speaking up for Yugge Farrell

Sometimes an issue becomes so urgent that you just have to say something.  I am not a lawyer or a politician, so I use the best way I can to draw attention, and that is through art.

Young lady, Yugge Farrel in St. Vincent is in a mental institution indefinitely being filled with psychotropic drugs for committing the offence of cursing a Minister's wife.  Her story is heartbreaking, and is now all over social media.  When I read about her this painitng came pouring out.  Justice for #yuggefarrell

When you neighbor's house ketch fire, throw water on yours.

Watch this interview with Jerry George. Make some noise.


A young singer songwriter from Barbados has written and performed this song about Yugge Farrell. click to take a listen.  Big love and respect to Amber Stone.