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Landscape as a Metaphor for Life

Susan-Mains-A-Tree-Named-Pe.jpg                  A Tree Named Perserverance 24" X 36" Oil on Canvas    SOLD

This Tree, still standing in Grenada, after years of wind and two hurricanes, shows its scars, but it is still standing. 

 Perserverance is an amazing virtue.

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Dear Susan,

They may be a reason why you decided not to display the price of your paintings. However; could you reconsider and start posting internet prices in UDS/ECD please? Example: I may be interested in "A Tree Named Perseverance" but of course it depends very much on the asking price. I am a Grenadian formerly from St Paul's.

Yours sincerely,


December 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWinston Strachan

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